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When you are enjoying a relaxing Sunday drive the last thing you want to do is worry about insurance.  Let us help you make the right choices so you can get back to enjoying the freedom of the road. 

Do I have other options?

There can be a lot more to think about when buying a motorcycle than a car.  Motorcycles tend to be much more dangerous, and insurance companies are careful with what bikes they want to insure.  Premiums for new drivers can be extremely steep but here a few tips to help you get on your way:

Driving School - Yes it doesn't seem very fun to spend your entire weekend at another driving school, but these schools give you useful tools to be safe while driving your motorcycle.  Insurance companies recognize their value with discounts which can lower your rate significantly if you are a new driver.  Many colleges offer driving schools from the spring to the fall every year.

Type of Motorcycle - While buying a large Harley or a racing bike might seem like a lot of fun, it is also very expensive as a new driver.  Think of it as a new driver buying a Ferrari - insurance will be high because it can go very fast, which can be dangerous for new drivers.  Stick to standard bikes with lower CC's until you have some experience.

Modifications - If you decide to modify your motorcycle in any way from stock, PLEASE TELL US.  Your policy will not pay for an accident if your motorcycle is modified and you did not let your insurance company know.  It doesn't matter what kind of modification from changing paint, to exhausts, grips, windshields etc - you have to inform your insurance company about any change.  

Accessories - You've just got an amazing deal on a new bike so you decide to spend the extra money on accessories for it.  You need to let us know so we can make sure all the additional cost of the accessories is covered under your policy.

Appraisals - If you are not sure how much your motorcycle is worth and you are worried about replacing it after an accident, it is worth it to have a professional appraisal for your bike.  This way there is no argument over how much it is worth.  It is important to remember that appraisals are typically only valid for 5 years.   

Accident Benefits - Driving a motorcycle can be dangerous even if you are an experienced driver.  It is always a good idea to look at increasing your Accident Benefits in case a bad accident does occur.

Please give us a call at 905-623-4406 and let us help you to choose the right coverage for your motorcycle.

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