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Gone are the days when a basic fire policy would be enough to protect you.  Houses today are bigger, and more sophisticated than ever before.  They cost more to buy and more to build.  With the weather changing drastically, more claims are occurring for water, lightning and falling trees.  Let us help you to determine the right coverage, so you can get back to enjoying life.


Things to Consider

Guaranteed Replacement Cost - Unless you are a professional builder it is extremely difficult to come up with an exact number for how much it will cost to replace your house.  Seasonal changes, busy times for contractors and changing laws can increase the cost to rebuild your home throughout the year.  Guaranteed Replacement Cost protects you against this, as the insurance company will pay the actual cost to rebuild as long as you have not made any changes to your house.

Single Limit -  There are different limits on your policy for your outbuildings, contents, living expenses and more.  This combines all your building, contents and additional coverages into one limit.  

Sewer Back-up - Applies to Sewers and Septic Systems, it is never fun when your toilets back up all over your house.  It can create a mess in a hurry, and cause extensive damage.

Overland Water- This covers your home against water that comes up and over your foundation.  It does not cover seepage or leaks in the foundation walls or floors.

By-Law - Local by-laws are constantly changing, as building codes are updated to make us all safer.  If you own an older home, you should consider adding by-law coverage, which protects you against the additional cost to repair or rebuild if you have a loss.


Age - Yes insurance does give discounts if you are an older citizen.

New Home - Newer homes do not typically have any maintenance issues, which is why companies give a discount if your home was built recently

Mortgage Free - Most companies offer a discount for being mortgage free.  

Sump Pump - If you have a Sump Pump, you are being proactive to protect yourself against water, so most insurance companies reward your foresight.

Multi- Policy - Just like having multiple cars gives you a discount, have multiple policies with the same company will give you an immediate discount.  Some companies also offer additional incentives.

Please call our office for a quote or to ask us questions regarding the coverage.  The explanations above are only a general overview and there are many options to fit your personal circumstances.

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