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Providing Insurance for Weddings, Events, Fairs, and Prizes

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Whether you are enjoying your special day, want to have a party for friends and family or are hosting a golf game and want to provide a hole-in-one prize, we can help you worry less, and have more fun.  

Why have Wedding Insurance?

Weddings can be hectic for even the best of planners.  Arranging for the venue, the food, alcohol, guest lists, table setting and much more can overwhelming.  One part of the process that can be overlooked is the insurance for your special day.  This insurance can simply be for liability if something were to happen to one of your guests, or package policies are also available.  These package policies include:

Wedding Cancellation - Reimbursement of deposits paid or contracted because of unexpected cancellation of the wedding

Honeymoon Cancellation - Reimbursement of pre-paid, non-refundable costs of travel due to the cancellation of the wedding.

Loss Deposit - Pays for non-refundable deposits made to providers of any booked goods/services if they suffer financial failure

Wedding Photos and Videos - Payment of the extra expenses necessary to retake photos if they can't be reproduced or if the photographer does not show up for the wedding

Bridal Attire -  Coverage for loss or damage to wedding dress

Rings - Coverage for loss or damage to the wedding rings

Wedding Cake - Cakes can be very expensive - this coverage will protect damage or loss of the cake

Rented Property - Provides coverage for any property used in the wedding reception such as tents, or temporary shelters.

Event Insurance

Whether you are throwing a party for a special day, holding banquet, dance or party it is essential that you have liability to protect you if something goes wrong.  This is especially important if alcohol is involved, as this can lead to many accidents occuring.


Please speak to one of our brokers to see if you should have liability insurance for your special event. 

Prize Indemnity

Whether you are having a business promotion, a tournament or a charity event, offering a large prize at the end is always a great way to get more people involved in the event.  Prize indemnity pays for those large prizes if someone wins.  A common event is a golf tournament with a prize for getting a hole in one.  These events are a great way to market your business or organization, without having the risk of paying a large prize at the end.

Let one of our experienced brokers guide you through event insurance.  We balance the needs of every individual and understand everyone has different priorities.  Call today to let us help you 905-623-4406.