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Anyone who has spent time around horses knows how much work and fun they can be.  We offer different options to protect not only your most important assets, but also all the equipment and buildings you need to properly care and look after them.

Coverage for Equine Operations

Outbuildings - Although horses can survive in a field, they are much more comfortable inside a nice, warm barn.  We offer coverage for your barn, stables, riding arena, machinery storage and more.

Tractors - Tractors save a lot of time and work throughout the year hauling hay, feed, manure, and shavings in and out of the barn all year long.  These can be covered by listing them individually or by having one blanket limit.  

Equipment -  Generators, pressure washers, hoists or other equipment can be insured individually or as a blanket.

Tack - Tack can become expensive in a hurry, as anyone who has walked into a tack store can attest.  We can insure all your tack together, you just have to choose a limit.

Miscellaneous Implements - All the small tools under $1,000 including wheel barrows, hand tools, etc can be insured as a lump sum.  Most farms have more small tools than they think.  

Produce - With the rising cost of hay and feed, this can be covered as a lump sum.  For larger operations we can amend the limit per a month to suit your needs.

Horses - The reason you have a barn in the first place, horses can be covered for a variety of perils such as fire, lightning, flood, collision, electrocution, drowning, escape, entrapment and much more.  

Liability - Covers your liability for your premise, operations and personal liability.  It can be extended to cover non-owned horses that are in your stable.  

Pollution Liability - Covers the cost to clean up chemicals or other pollutants after spills or leaks.  Can cover your own land, surrounding land or both.

Loss of Income - There are options to protect you against lost income after a loss.

This is just a brief overview as each farm is unique and each solution should be tailored for your farm.  One of our staff would be happy to speak to you regarding your farm, and come visit you to make sure you have coverage that fits you and your business. 



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