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When you are a contractor your life's work is in your business.  If things go wrong you can count on our years of experience helping protect contractors of every field and size.  

The Basics Of Contractors Insurance

Commercial General Liability (CGL) - This is the part of your policy that pays for those slips and falls that happen due to your business.  It does have a few notable exclusions such as: Professional liability, pollution, criminal or intentional acts, Workers Compensation, Abuse, Automobiles, damage to your work and more.  It is important you understand what is excluded on your policy, as these exclusions can be added back based on your business.  Please check with us to make sure you have the coverage you need.

Building - these are insured under a Broad policy or a Named Perils policy depending on the use, age, updates and where it is located.  A Broad form policy offers much better coverage and should be purchased in most situations.  If your business is located at your home your homeowners policy will not cover any buildings used for business - these should be placed on your contractors policy.

Contents/Stock - This can include all the lumber, metal, cabinets, cupboards, nails, desks, computers etc that you keep at your main location.  It typically does not include tools or equipment, as these are covered under a separate part of your policy.  If you are leasing a building, this coverage can also extend to cover any improvements you have made to the building - ie signs, work benches, flooring etc.  

Equipment - Equipment may be covered under your contents but typically it is listed separately for contractors because the equipment is moved to each work site as needed.  

Tools - Tools are listed separately from equipment, and must be listed on your policy.  Typically most companies offer a package which includes a basic limit for tools and equipment.  

Completed Operations - What happens 6 months after a roofing contractor replaced a roof it starts leaking?  Or a carpenter incorrectly frames a wall causing it to collapse and injure someone?  Completed operations coverage covers property damage or injury after you complete a job.  It does not typically cover the damage to your own work - only to existing property or the work of others.

Other Considerations

Vehicles - Even if you are just using your truck to go to and from the job site, you usually should have a commercial auto policy for it.  This will ensure you will not have a claim denied by your insurance company.

Installation Floater - You've just purchased a gorgeous counter top for a customer.  While unloading it from the truck, your worker drops it, cracking the counter top.  Who will pay for this?  Installation floaters cover stock and supplies while they are being transported or at the job site waiting to be installed.

Pollution - Most contractors policies exclude coverage for pollution - this could be chemicals used in your work, asbestos, mold or fungi.  Adding pollution coverage to your policy will pay to clean up pollution from your work, such as paying to clean up an area after a diesel tank leaks onto the ground at a job site.  Pollution coverage is especially important for remedial contractors, such as those who remove asbestos.

Errors and Omissions - If you design anything without the work being signed off by an engineer or architect then you should have Errors and Omissions coverage.  It pays for the cost to fix an error, omission or mistake. As an example:  A landscaper who designs a backyard incorrectly  and water starts flows into the house, rather than away from it.


Rented Equipment - You may rent specialized equipment a few times a year - your insurance can extend to cover you liability for that rented equipment.

Blasting, Pile Driving, & Removing Structural Walls - Most contractors policies do not have any coverage for if you remove a structural part of the building such as a beam or load bearing wall.  Depending on the work you do, this may be a coverage you should add onto your policy.

Tenants Legal Liability - This coverage is important if you rent a building or unit.  This covers the damage to the part of the unit/building that you are responsible for.

Loss of Income -  If your building burned down how long would it take for you to get back in business?  This coverage pays for extra expenses in order to keep your business running, as well as the lost income resulting from the fire.



By no means is this an exhaustive list - every contractors needs are unique as the work they do.  Please give our office a call 905-623-4406 and let us help you get the coverage you need.

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