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What's the Fuss?

In Ontario, car insurance rates seem to be rising every year.  There are many ways we can help you balance the cost of your policy with the right coverage for you.  After all, saving money doesn't help if your insurance is not there when you need it most.

Do I have other options?

There is more to an auto policy than only Liability, Collision and Comprehensive coverage.  If you need more information we are always happy to help explain the basics, or give you a more in depth understanding of what is available for auto insurance.  


What are my other options?


 Loss of use - This pays for a rental vehicle if you are at fault in an accident OR if your car is stolen.  You should definitely have this if you have collision coverage on your vehicle.

Rental Coverage - Often packaged with Loss of Use, rental coverage extends your policy to vehicles you rent that are comparable to yours (unfortunately you can't rent a Ferrari with this...)

Driving Record Protector - This coverage ensures your rates won't increase if you have an at fault accident.  It does NOT protect you against any tickets you may receive as the result of that accident however.  

Minor Conviction Protector - Most companies have discounts for having no tickets.  This coverage protects that discount if you have a minor ticket such as speeding 10 km/h over the speed limit.  It won't protect you if you have a major ticket or license suspension.

Increased Accident Benefits - If you are hurt as the result of a car accident, you will rely on Accident Benefits to provide you with the medical help you require.  Unfortunately the basic mandatory benefits are quite minimal, however there are options to help protect you when you need it most.

This list are just a few points to think about.  Please let one of our experienced brokers help you make the right choices so you are properly protected.

Did You Know?

Let one of our experienced brokers guide you through auto insurance and give you the peace of mind to drive with confidence.  We balance the needs of every individual and understand everyone has different priorities.  Call today to let us help you 905-623-4406.      

There are many discounts companies offer based on your driving record, the car you drive, and much more.  Let's go over a few of these discounts:

Driving Record - Most companies give discounts for having a good driving record.  Having years of experience with no accidents will let you have the best rates available.

Automated Cars - Insurance companies have started to introduce automated braking discounts for cars equipped with sophisticated systems to help keep you safe.

Good Student Discount - Does your kid's insurance seem quite high?  They may qualify for a good student discount if they keep their average above 80% while they are attending school.  Hard work does pay off!

Telematics - While telematics are not for everyone, some insurance companies offer discounts for recording how good of a driver you are.  

Age - There has to be some benefits to getting older!  Insurance companies typically offer a seniors discount for when you are in your later years.

Retiree - Retired folks never seem to be in a rush, which is why most insurance companies offer a discount if you are retired.

Multi-car- If you have more cars with a company they will give you a discount on each car - think of it like going to Costco - buying in bulk can save you money.

Multi - Policy - Very similar to the multi-car discount, companies will give you discounts for bundling everything together.

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